As easy as American/Brazil Prologic is able to source and procure goods worldwide for our Brazilian Buyers, the Prologic Trading Group can source a multitude of products from Brazil.


Brazil has consistently found itself to be a country that is a leader in worldwide manufacturing. Each year, every segment of manufacturing is on the rise.

As the country of Brazil remains as a manufacturing leader worldwide, thousands of Brazilian suppliers do not take the step to export their products to the world. Many companies have a fear of payment obstacles and lack of trust in doing business in a foreign country. Other companies do not have the knowledge or ability to market their products in the USA. While other companies have the knowledge but do not have the ability to translate and transform their media or product information for the US audience..

American/Brazil Prologic has recognized and implemented all aspects of a successful exportation program. By breaking down the specific needs of our clients, we eliminate wasted time and offer one of the most cost effective experiences in Trade today.

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